WAND Packer Tattoo Machine

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The Bishop Packer Wand machine boasts a brushless Faulhaber motor with custom winding made specifically to provide more torque and speed. Intended for color realism and both modern and traditional color packing.

It has a fixed 4.2mm stroke and a recommended working voltage of 6v – 8v. It has a powerful brushless motor precisely paired with a 4.2 stroke.

The Packer Wand is perfect for fine or bold lines, realistic color, traditional style, 3RL work, and more. It’s your all-in-one machine if you’re an artist that does such work. 

If you’re the artist that can do Black 'n' Grey and Color with only one rotary machine, the Packer Wand is perfect for you. It has enough power to do every style - including excellent line work - and is also capable of doing the smoothest Black 'n' Grey.

Since the Packer has more power than the Shader and a 4.2 stroke, we suggest using it for soft, smooth black & gray only if you’re a 1 machine artist.

The Packer Wand has a smooth matte black finish for both machine and grip and a hand polished copper band. The autoclavable grip is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably within your hand grip reducing hand pain and fatigue.

This beautiful, long-awaited addition to the Bishop tattoo machine range is manufactured in the USA using lightweight aircraft aluminium and comes with a one year warranty directly with Bishop.


  • Fixed 4.2mm stroke
  • Faulhaber brushless motor
  • Custom winding made specifically with more torque and speed
  • Weight: 113 grams
  • Dimensions: 95mm x 30mm
  • 6v – 8v recommended voltage
  • Aircraft aluminium
  • Intended for all types of line work, dot work, black & traditional work
  • RCA connection
  • Made in the USA
  • new premium Bishop RCA cord black/grey
  • It comes in a Bishop zipped case

THE MAGIC IS IN THE MOTOR - 2 custom Faulhauber motors, to be exact

Franco Vescovi – a tattoo artist & machine engineer for over 25 years – had a goal: create the perfect rotary pen for tattoo artists.
For over 4 years Franco experimented with countless motors & prototypes. After combining feedback from his worldwide network of artists with his existing knowledge and experience, Franco created 3 versions of the Wand: Shader, Packer, and Liner.

Each Wand features a custom-made Faulhauber motor for magically optimized torque, RPM, and nominal voltage, precisely paired with the right stroke: 3.5, 4.2, or a crazy 5.0.

All-In-One Machine All-In-One Machine Specialized Lining Machine
3.5 Stroke 4.2 Stroke 5.0 Stroke
Brushed Motor W/ Custom Winding with Built-in Give, to Allow for a Softer Realistic Hit Brushless Motor W/ Custom Winding Made Specifically with More Torque and Power Brushless Motor W/ Custom Winding Made Specifically with More Torque and Speed

• Black and Gray Shading

• Realistic Gray Tones

• Fine Line

• Color Packing, Color Realism, Traditional Color Packer

• Better Ink Saturation

• Fine or Bold Lines

• All Types of Line Work

• Black Work

• Dot Work
Capable For All Your Black & Gray Needs (Including Lining) Capable For All Your Color Needs (Including Bold and Fine Lines) Highly Specific For Lining and Precision Black Work